Bellmawr, New Jersey

Bellmawr, NJ: A Community Portrait

Bellmawr, New Jersey, a small borough in the heart of Camden County, boasts a rich history, vibrant neighborhoods, notable attractions, and a wealth of statistical data. Tucked away in the Delaware Valley, it’s a place where history, community, and progress come together in a unique blend.

History of Bellmawr

Bellmawr was incorporated as a borough on March 23, 1926, and its history is a reflection of the broader trends that shaped America’s growth.

  • Early Settlement: The land was originally occupied by the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans, before it was settled by European colonists in the late 17th century.
  • Industrialization: Bellmawr’s proximity to major transportation routes made it a prime location for industrial development in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Modern Era: Post-World War II saw a population boom, with many families settling in the area, attracted by its safe neighborhoods and convenient location.

Neighborhoods in Bellmawr

Bellmawr’s small geographic size doesn’t stop it from having a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and features. Here is a table summarizing the different neighborhoods:

NeighborhoodNotable Features
East BellmawrKnown for its quiet, tree-lined streets and well-kept homes
BrowningA bustling area featuring the Bellmawr Recreation Center
Bellmawr ParkHome to the historic Bellmawr Park, with easy access to major highways
West BellmawrOffers a mix of residential and commercial areas, close to several industries

Notable Attractions

Bellmawr, NJ, despite its small size, offers a range of attractions for both residents and visitors:

  • Bellmawr Lake: This private lake offers swimming, volleyball, and picnic spots, perfect for family outings.
  • Bellmawr Recreation Center: A popular spot with a gym, ball fields, and playgrounds.
  • Historical Landmarks: The borough houses several historical landmarks, such as the Hugg-Harrison House, dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Statistical Data

As of 2020, Bellmawr had a population of approximately 11,500. Some key statistical data:

  • Demographics: Predominantly Caucasian (80%), with significant Hispanic (12%) and African American (5%) populations.
  • Education: Approximately 85% of the population has a high school diploma, while about 18% holds a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Economy: The median household income stands at around $60,000, slightly below the state average.


Bellmawr, NJ, is a community that blends its historical roots with a vibrant present. Its small town charm, coupled with its proximity to major metropolitan areas, makes it a unique and appealing place to live and visit.